PALAEO-RA – Global Climate of the Past Six Centuries

Titleimage: PALAEO-RA – Global Climate of the Past Six Centuries

PALAEO-RA combines numerical modelling and mathematical techniques with historical documentary data and measurements, and dynamical analyses to produce a comprehensive reconstruction of global climate of the past six centuries. The "palaeo-reanalysis" will provide globally complete, three dimensional monthly fields of many variables and thus allows dynamical interpretations of past climate events. 

Using the data produced, the project will analyse episodes of slowed or accelerated global warming, decadal subtropical drought periods, episodes of expanding or contracting tropics, slowed or strengthened monsoons, changes in storm tracks, blocking and associated weather extremes, and links between Arctic and midlatitude climate.


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Team complete

Dr. Ralf Hand and Elin Lundstad are the latest team members of PALAEO-RA. Ralf did his PhD on midlatitude ocean-atmosphere interactions at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel. He will work in the modeling part of the PALAEO-RA project.

Elin started as a PhD student at GIUB in April 2019. She has worked for the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian hydropower company Statkraft. Her PhD project within PALAEO-RA is on “Variability of weather and climate since 1700 from early instrumental observations”.


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