PALAEO-RA – Global Climate of the Past Six Centuries

Data access

Historical Data Collection

Description​: Digitized historical weather and phenological observation records collected worldwide, which will be used for assimilation into the global weather model ECHAM6
​Origin​: digitized books, manuscripts, logbooks, diaries from public and private archives worldwide, collected and treated by project participants.
​Structure​: includes thousands of records, listed in an Archive Inventory.
​Data types​: PDF, JPG for scanned copies, CSV for digitized data, TXT, DOC for metadata, logs and additional supporting information
​Expected size: ​2 TB.

Global Model Simulation Data

Description: ​Atmosphere and ocean simulation data
Origin: ​global simulations of atmosphere and ocean during the period of 1421-2015 with the ECHAM6 model, performed by project participants
​Data Types: ​NetCDF for data files; CSV, TXT, ODT for metadata, logs and additional supporting information.
Expected size:​ 100 TB

​Reference:​ PALAEO_RA_CODE

​Description:​ Codes and scripts for treatment of data
​Origin:​ Developed by project participants
​Data Types: ​Shell, Python, R, etc. scripts; Fortran/C/etc. code​
Expected size: ​10 GB


​Description:​ Reanalysis data based on ECHAM6 simulations
​Origin:​ Developed by project participants from PALAEO_RA_HISTDATA​
Data Types: ​NetCDF for data files
​Expected size: ​1 TB

Download data

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