PALAEO-RA – Global Climate of the Past Six Centuries


PALAEO-RA will generate a global climate data set of the past six centuries and use this data set to obtain a dynamical understanding of large-scale decadal climate variability.

1. Development of a data assimilation system for ingesting palaeoclimatological data into climate models

PALAEO-RA Data Assimilation Scheme

2. Production of physically consistent, global, 3-D monthly climate data back to the medieval period

PALAEO-RA Overview of Climate Production, Maintenance, Postprocessing and Evaluation

3. Analysis of interannual-to-decadal changes in large-scale hydroclimate, atmospheric circulation, and weather variability and their relation to forcings and oceanic changes.

PALAEO-RA Decadal Variations of Decadal Climate and Weather Phenomena